Activated carbon desulfurizer

                                                                                        Activated carbon desulfurizer
                                                                                        This product is made of high quality activated carbon as the carrier, add a variety of additives, through special treatment, can work at room temperature, normal pressure or pressure.
                                                                                        This product has good removal effect on thiophene, carbon sulfide, mercaptan, thioether, disulfide and other organic sulfur and sulfur dioxide.
                                                                                        This product also has a strong removal effect on hydrogen sulfide, can also be regenerated several times under certain conditions, and efficient room temperature iron oxide desulfurizer used together, can achieve a true sense of room temperature fine desulfurization.
                                                                                        This product can be widely used for fine removal of organic sulfur in natural gas, gas, coke oven gas and other process gases.