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Fat Quarters

A Fat Quarter is half a metre of fabric cut in half up the middle. Fabric is cut in this way to provide a piece of fabric which is a very usable size.

A fat quarter is the right size for a cushion top for example, and they are great for doing patchwork as it is easy to buy a range of colours and designs.

When ordering fabric will be cut in one continuous piece.

Here are the Fat Quarter sizes for the fabric widths that Sweet Ginger stocks:-

44"/110cm wide  

1FQ=50cm x 65 cm

2FQ=50cm x 110cm

3FQ=75cm x 110cm                                                       

4FQ=100 x 110cm

54"/140cm wide

1FQ=50cm x 70 cm

2FQ=50cm x 140cm

3FQ=75cm x 140cm

4FQ=100 x 140cm

60"/150cm wide

1FQ=50cm x 75 cm

2FQ=50cm x 150cm

3FQ=75cm x 150cm                                                       

4FQ=100 x 150cm

62"/160 wide

1FQ=50cm x 80 cm

2FQ=50cm x 160cm

3FQ=75cm x 160cm

4FQ=100 x 160cm

110"/280cm wide

1FQ=50cm x 140 cm

2FQ=50cm x 280cm

3FQ=75cm x 280cm

4FQ=100 x 280cm